Diversity and Inclusion
A Unique Perspective


Bo-Dean Sanders’ journey from an athlete growing up playing high school football in Jacksonville, FL, to a college football player at an affluent, white university in the North, reveals an unexpected trail of surprises which unfolds in Bo-Dean's book "Race Against... Against Race."

Race Against... Against Race by Bo-Dean Sanders

The personal account that examines Bo-Dean’s unique perspective on diversity and inclusion through the foundation of sports includes:

Bo-Dean in Action

  • Lessons anyone can relate to in improving their lives and relationships with all races and socio-economic backgrounds
  • Opening your eyes and teaching us to work together towards a new relationship on Race in America
  • His story of athletics in both the South and North, on all black teams and then primarily white teams

Bo-Dean is available for interviews, book discussions, and speaking engagements upon request.

“Although ‘race’ appears in the title of every chapter and topic in this book, the intense introspective by Bo-Dean Sanders is really a wonderful look at the race through life by a person who lived much of it in totally different worlds. The best part about it is to see how he is winning that race.”

Tony Leodora, owner TL Golf Services, host of “GolfTalk Live” radio show,
and host of the “Traveling Golfer” television program

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