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Loser's Ball Podcast: Episode 10: Sports & Activism with Bo-Dean Sanders

Hosts Ben and Ilan are joined by Bo-Dean Sanders, author of “Race Against… Against Race”. Bo-Dean shares his insights on diversity and inclusion in sports and the positive impact multiculturalism had on his personal relationships in college. Then, Bo-Dean talks about the NBA’s social justice initiatives, what the league can do moving forward and which past and present players have stood out as advocates for equality and inclusion. The episode wraps up with the fan-favourite rapid fire questions for Bo-Dean.


I’ll Talk If You’ll Listen Podcast (creator Tim Brooks)

Episode 63: Selfish Hobbies and Black History w/ Bo-Dean Sanders!

Unconscious Bias: The Keys to True Diversity and Inclusion

John Durso's Brilliant Sales Strategies Zoom presentation featuring Bo-Dean Sanders and others on the Main Line Philadelphia region from January 2021.

Newspaper: Delco Times

Former Villanova football player tackles issue of diversity and inclusion in new book

HAVERFORD — Professional tennis great Serena Williams once said, “It doesn’t matter what your background is or where you came from. If you have dreams and goals, that’s all that matters.”

When Bo-Dean Sanders of Havertown was a young athlete growing up in the South, he began dreaming of playing college football one day. As fate would have it, his childhood dream soon turned into reality. Sanders recently recorded his journey from a young student playing football in a high school in Jacksonville, Fla., to becoming a football player at Villanova University in his recently released book, “Race Against … Against Race: My Journey of Diversity and Inclusion Through Sports.”

"Race Against … Against Race" is Sanders’ memoir about transcending stereotypes through the foundation of sports. He provides a unique perspective on building relationships with teammates and classmates from different socio-economic backgrounds and races by reaching out, talking, and listening. In his first-ever book, Sanders explores how diversity and inclusion in sports and multiculturalism impacted his personal relationships in college.

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Radio: Philadelphia's Morning Answer with Chris Stigall

Chris Stigall has been talking with his morning audience in Philadelphia for years. He's covered everything from corrupt politicians and political conventions to a super bowl parade and sugary beverages taxes. Weaving captivating interviews of news makers, politicians and entertainers with his own brand of honesty and irreverence, you'll hear why we call him Philadelphia's Morning Answer. In the final live show of 2020, producer "Fast Eddie" Caiazzo is behind the mic with Program Director Tim DeMoss in the producer's chair.

Chris Stigall interviews Bo-Dean Sanders about his new book Race Against...Against Race  on tackling the tough conversations about race needed in 2021.  Sanders, a former Villanova football player, discusses his journey and diversity and inclusion through sports.

Video: For the Love of Sports Interview

Watch Bo-Dean Sanders discuss Race Against…Against Race with Michael Rasile (@MichaelRasile1) who hosts the show For the Love of Sports.

This 40 minute interview provides stories and information on how the idea of the book came about and other interesting stories that provide a background for the book Race Against…Against Race.

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