Diversity and Inclusion
A Unique Perspective


Bo-Dean Sanders’ journey from an athlete growing up playing high school football in Jacksonville, FL, to a college football player at an affluent, white university in the North, reveals an unexpected trail of surprises which unfolds in Bo-Dean's book "Race Against... Against Race."

Race Against... Against Race by Bo-Dean Sanders

The personal account that examines Bo-Dean’s unique perspective on diversity and inclusion through the foundation of sports includes:

Bo-Dean in Action

  • Lessons anyone can relate to in improving their lives and relationships with all races and socio-economic backgrounds
  • Opening your eyes and teaching us to work together towards a new relationship on Race in America
  • His story of athletics in both the South and North, on all black teams and then primarily white teams

Bo-Dean is available for interviews, book discussions, and speaking engagements upon request.

“Bo-Dean captures the mindsets of not long ago, and even today. His story goes beyond sports, breaking down barriers to everyday lessons of reaching out, talking, and building relationships. A must-read for young and old.”

Rosa Gatti, Retired Senior Vice President, ESPN